About Psychotherapy


People from all walks of life seek therapy for many different reasons. Sometimes there is a specific issue, such as the breakdown of a relationship, a bereavement or some other painful life event. In these cases I offer short-term focussed work, depending on your individual needs which we would discuss during our initial meeting.

Sometimes there are more complex and deep-rooted difficulties that have built up over a long period of time, often established in childhood, which present in less focussed ways such as generalised feelings of anxiety or sustained periods of low mood.

Complex and difficult problems, because they are generally deep-rooted and long-standing by nature, often require a longer time to understand and work through. In such cases I offer psychotherapy on an open-ended basis and the length of the therapy would be discussed together as we proceed. However, you would be free to stop therapy at any time should you choose to.

Psychotherapy is a collaborative process between the person seeking help and myself, which takes place in a safe and confidential setting. Rather than simply offering advice or reassurance, I aim to help you think about yourself and relationships differently. This process can be helpful to anyone who wishes to develop greater self-awareness and a better understanding of their relationship with others, both past and present. Psychotherapy can sometimes be a challenging process, which requires commitment to face and work through difficult feelings, as well as an extremely rewarding and cathartic one, whereby clients are helped to think about and explore their own experience, to reach deeper levels of understanding and explore choices and options for their future. 

Booking your first session

You are welcome to contact me by telephone, email or by completing the form on my contact page to arrange an initial meeting where we can discuss your particular needs, expectations and whether psychotherapy might be helpful to you. We may decide to continue preliminary appointments for a few meetings, giving us time to get to know each other, and for you to decide if you would like to begin therapy with me. There is no commitment to ongoing work together at this stage.